Why I Started the National Be a Gentleman & Lady Month Proclamation

Hello! My name is Corey Lee Wilson, Founder and President of Fratire Publishing and project leader for our National “Be a Gentleman and Be a Lady Month” Proclamation and Program.

How I came to start this program is unusual considering I grew up with a single mom who was a Playboy Bunny surrounded by eligible bachelors and playboys. Later, I also became a father of a teenage daughter and back it hit me one day after I kept hearing her rave again and again when she saw a good-looking guy.

“Boy! Is he hot?” “He’s so hot!” “He’s smokin’ hot!”

So, it got me thinking; ‘Maybe she’s going to end up wild and promiscuous like my Playboy Bunny mom!’ Worried like any loving father, I remembered articles on how family traits skip a generation. If that were true for my daughter—she could end up being a Playboy centerfold ten years from now!

"Not on my watch!"

Determined to make sure that didn’t happen, I did extensive research regarding teenage dating and sexuality while she was a teenager, and what I discovered during this journey of enlightenment—there was NO definitive book about teenage sexuality and dating--so I decided to become an expert myself and wrote, “So You Want to Date My Daughter? A Father’s Rulebook on the Do’s and Don’ts for Dating His Little Princess,” a definitive guide for every-day-dads (like me) and parents (perhaps like you) who need a how-to-manual of teenage dating and sexuality.

And let’s not forget about ungentlemanly and unladylike teenage behavior that further inspired me to write two companion books, “Every Daughter Deserves a Gentleman” and “Every Son Deserves a Lady” that also let me to start the National “Be a Gentleman and Be a Lady Month” Proclamation and Awareness Program.

So how did my daughter make it through her teenage dating years? Did she turn out to be wild and promiscuous like her Playboy Bunny grandmother? I’m relieved to inform you, no she did not, and we both made it safely through her dating years without any incidences, and she’s a mature and responsible adult now.

There are seven more short videos to share regarding our national proclamation so please check them out if you get a chance. If you enjoyed this videos and agree with our National “Be a Gentleman and Be a Lady Month” Proclamation and Program, please support our cause.

For more information, updates, and questions about our national proclamation, please take a minute to add your name to our petition on the short sign-up form on our website.

Thanks for visiting and welcome to the National “Be a Gentleman and Be a Lady Month” Proclamation and Program!


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