A Father’s Rulebook on the Do’s and Don’ts for Dating His Little Princess


I’m no longer the proud father of a teenage daughter, and relieved to inform you, we both made it safely through her teenage dating years, without any incidences, and she’s a responsible adult now.  However, prior to that happening and to help prepare the two of us for that journey, I became an expert on teenage pregnancy, STD's, intimate partner violence, and the physiology and psychology of teenagers. However, during my extensive research, I became frustrated there wasn’t a definitive guidebook on teenage dating for the everyday dad like me—so I decided to write one.

Synthesizing the above along with first-hand experience as a teenage boy—plus my role reversal as a responsible father who’s had to switch sides now, so to speak, from an offense dating strategy as a single testosterone male—to a defensive strategy as an every-day-dad with a teenage daughter—I know most every play and strategy in the dating game playbook—and so can you. And because of what I’ve learned along the way—it’s now my mission to help prepare and empower other dads (and moms too) and daughters for safe and sane dating.

This straight-forward and humorous guidebook is for the everyday dad—who needs a how-to manual in life—so he can handle and not be handled by his daughter’s dating habits and dating choices. However, more needs to be done regarding gentlemanly and ladylike dating behavior, so I saw the need to write two companion books, Every Daughter Deserves a Gentleman and Every Son Deserves a Lady as well (go to DATING SERIES BOOK Page for more info). On top of that, Fratire Publishing is donating 10% of these book’s sales to the Times Up organization to help prevent sexual harassment and misogyny.