Every Son Deserves a Lady

Does character count these days in a dating candidate? Seems like an easy question to answer “Yes!” But it’s not always the case. Sad to say, as most of us have already seen and/or experienced in our lives, the answer is sometimes "No!"

Take style over substance, good girls gone bad, the bad boy syndrome, and miss right versus mister wrong, and vice-a-versa. There’s a lot of wrong choices being made out there in the teenager and young adult dating world. When it comes to choosing young men and women of character—and those without it—the best choices are not always apparent. 

The keys to a strong character and practicing sound dating principles—starts with the Seven Pillars of Gentlemanly and Ladylike Behavior and Ethical Values.  Would you like to know what they are? If yes, please visit our ABOUT page to learn more.