Author's and Publisher's Mission

We live in a world all too common these days devoid of gentlemanly and ladylike behavior. In a modern era where gangster, hip hop, and thug like behavior and attitudes disrespect women, society, and good manners—and seem to be the norm and acceptable—it’s time to fight back and return to a day when we celebrate gentlemanly and ladylike behavior, its virtues, and benefits to society.

Want to be part of the solution to help end the problem of sexual harassment and misogynistic behavior and help guide teens and young adults with safe and sane dating? If the answer is yes—here is how you can help by igniting a national petition for a presidential proclamation to make every April the Be a Gentleman and Be a Lady month and get the word out.


Simply follow these links to the Every Daughter Deserves a Gentleman Program at and/or the Every Son Deserves a Lady Program at and complete a short contact form so you can be added to our subscriber list. Next, look for our monthly newsletter with more information e-mailed to you on how you can help this worthy and historic cause and further it by forwarding it to your friends, networks and constituents and petition Congress for a Presidential Proclamation.  


Corey Lee Wilson