Does character count these days in our relations and encounters with the opposite sex and each other? Seems like an easy question to answer “Yes!” But it’s not always the case. Sad to say, as most of us have seen in the news and headlines and/or experienced in our lives and your friend’s lives, the answer is sometimes "No!" 

Take for instance bad manners, misogynistic behavior and sexual harassment. There’s a lot of poor choices and questionable behavior being made throughout America involving all three. When it comes to making the right choices and applying their best behavior, those with the strong content of character traits, usually make the best choices and right decisions—and those without it—don’t. 

The keys to a strong character and good manners starts with the Seven Pillars of Gentlemanly and Ladylike Behavior and Ethical Values. Would you like to know what they are? If yes, please continue to OUR PROJECT and GET INVOLVED pages to learn more about this S.A.P.I.E.N.T. Being sponsored program and worthy cause..