We live in a world all too common these days devoid of gentlemanly and ladylike behavior that begs these questions: Is there still a place for gentlemanly and ladylike behavior in the 21st century? Is there a way we can address these behavior issues on a national level and in a 21st century dynamic? And finally, if you see un-gentlemanly and un-ladylike behavior as a problem and want to be part of the solution, can you help?

If the answer is yes to all three questions—you’re in the right place to join the cause, become a partner, and spread the message; advocating a national petition for a presidential proclamation to make every April the "Be a Gentleman" and "Be a Lady" Month. To learn more about this worthy S.A.P.I.E.N.T. Being sponsored program and see how you can make a difference, please click over to OUR MISSION, GET INVOLVED, and DONATE pages and the PROJECT DETAILS below.


Does character count these days in our relations and encounters with the opposite sex and each other? Seems like an easy question to answer “Yes!” But it’s not always the case these days. Sad to say, as most of us have seen in the news and headlines and/or experienced in our lives and your friend’s lives, the answer is sometimes "No!" Can the Seven Pillars of Character be part of the solution to this problem in a 21st century dynamic?

In our modern era where rude and crude behavior and attitudes disrespect women, society, and good manners—and seem to be the norm and acceptable—it’s time to fight back and return to its rightful place the virtues and qualities of gentlemanly and ladylike behavior—and their benefits to society. The time is right for a national petition for a presidential proclamation to make every April the Be a Gentleman & Lady Month and Awareness Program. 

Want to be part of the solution to end the problem of sexual harassment, misogynistic behavior and bad manners and help guide teens, young adults and even older adults with safe and sane dating practices? If the answer is yes—please subscribe and add your email address below (or follow the DONATE page link above) so you can be added to our subscriber list.and receive news updates and special offers.

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